Saturday, May 5, 2012

5th May, 2012 Max-ed Out!

In the absence of the rain, we were able to re-start Max. The last time he was ridden (before I met him) he ran off with his rider on and unfortunately she fell off. We took a very cautious approach to make sure that we assessed how he felt about every stage of the process and that we missed nothing out. We started with a little groundwork before we long reined him at walk and trot, short-reined him in his bit and then long reined him for a few more minutes in a saddle. Max tends to be busy busy busy in the stable but give him a job to do and he's happy.

We finished the session with a rider on board taking a few steps here and there. If you recognise the rider, it's Jo Seymour, Applied Equine Podiatrist, who is available in the New Forest area for barefoot horses.