Sunday, May 27, 2012

27th May, 2012 What have you done today....? make you feel proud?

This is my friend and colleague Jenny Major working with one of the yearling ponies at H.O.P.E. Dartmoor Rescue using NFNF techniques. I first met Jenny at the Moorland Mousie Trust where she impressed me straight away. She had only been working there a week and yet coped with a trek where she was given a set of identical ponies, fortunately all identifiable by their brands, and a list of riders to put on top of them. Out they went on to Exmoor where she discovered that she had no phone support from the Centre (no signal) and then the fog came down. Not only did she find her way back but she was completely calm about it.

Over the next fortnight of the foal handling course, she embraced IH concepts straight away and was really good with the foals and the students. I told her then that she would make a fantastic RA. She's almost there now with just her case studies to go.