Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10th December, 2013 Anthony and CleoPETRA

A little normalcy this week. In the news:

Nelly came for breakfast and is still sporting her new collar.

The hunt were out at Janesmoor and looked very smart. We didn't think we should join them.

Anthony (Pasmore) might have been tidy enough but might have stood out on an untidy horse and a Western saddle. He's been riding Petra for a number of weeks and they have got on very well - both being keen to get on with it. He's been rather complimentary about her. However, I am about to lose him as my Tuesday riding companion because....

...his new horse, Ahlia, arrives in just over a week. We went to see her together a few weeks ago and I had a little ride on her myself. Very comfortable! I hope Anthony will be very happy with his early Christmas present to himself. He's had an extremely tough year and deserves some pleasure in 2014. He has always been such a good landlord to me - leaving me very much to my own devices.

Pretty Arabian face...

This afternoon, still avoiding the hunt we took Jack and Nettles out for a blast around the inclosure. Nettles seems to egg Jack on and it's brilliant to watch them racing each other. Both bred by the same lady, they came to me in completely different directions.

Attempts to do the same with Bella and Indy came to a halt at the first crab apple tree so it was back to lead reins after that......

Bella is so calm. Here she is walking up the drift-way with Tracey. Just look at the huge smile in the line (matched only by the smile in Tracey's face if you could see it). Last thing we met this lovely Appaloosa cross -  sold to her owner as a pure-bred New Forest pony, dark bay with a full long tail, she gradually faded and her tail receded. Nevertheless she is a very beautiful pony.