Friday, December 20, 2013

20th December, 2013 The Awesome Foursome

Everybody ending in y and me took the four on tour this morning. These pre-school walks with the young ponies do them so much good as they get confidence from each other. They were all so calm and happy.

This innocuous lump of wood has been there since 1963 when it was used for tamping down the surface of the former airfield from the Second World War

They all seem to love natural forest puddle water

Kings Garm inclosure

Bella shows us some more cross country skills

None of them were worried about the traffic

At the end we all went for a well earned drink
Four seems to be the magic number - got this from Annie on the Isle of Wight this evening...

"Hi Sarah - Just a quickie to share with you how well Magnus coped with his annual health check today. The vet was super impressed with the transformation in his behaviour & how amazingly calm & obliging he was! Four years ago, both vet & I were slammed, crunched & crushed into each of the four stable walls.......Today, thanks to you & your teachings the whole event was tranquil, stress-free & injury free! Hoping for good blood test results & it will be three cheers all round Thank you for changing our lives for the better. Wishing you a fantastic Christmas." AD