Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11th December, 2013 Method in Our Madness

Anyone looking down on the inclosure where we take the youngsters our for a walk might think that we had all gone mad as we take each one off in a different direction, crossing and re-crossing each other's tracks. Bit by bit this gets them used to the idea of going alone and yet knowing that the world is full of horses. Today this enabled Tracey to take Bella out for her first walk on her own in a safe environment with no traffic to contend with.

"Bella and I went on our very first ever solo walk, she did really well, we went into the enclosure and turned the same way as we did yesterday and just did one small loop as I wanted it to go and end  well, it did. Barbs took a picture of us on our way back looking at the pigs arriving who then followed us into the field! Bella then, with piggies in tow went off to graze with Petra! Thank you again, and so much, for having us at the farm with you I am loving it!" TP