Thursday, December 12, 2013

12th December, 2013 No Vaccinations Required

This morning Tracey and I packed our bags, picked up our tickets and set off across the sea without our passports to the Isle of Wight. Destination Totland to see a small family of smaller Shetland ponies and their owners. Pie had arrived about a year ago via a lovely home in Dorset rescued from the hands of travellers. Mollie, arrived in her Mummy's tummy!

His equilibrium pretty much restored, Pie is still a little nervous when approached from behind. This is likely to stem from the days when he was tethered and felt the need to protect himself from people approaching him. Apparently, left to his own devices, he still grazes a compact circle of grass, always clockwise, until he realises he can move on! We worked on reassuring him about approaches and also asking him not to present his bottom as his first line of defence.

We also worked on leading techniques for him and for Mollie. One thing I have learned about Shetlands and Miniature Shetlands is that they get sick of looking at people's knees. Getting down low and friendly really makes a difference. They also like to be taken seriously and not treated as toys.

"Thank you so much for today, absolutely wonderful to see such results from both ponies so quickly, amazing. I will continue the training and try to remember all you taught me, I am sure Pie & Mollie are quicker to remember than me !! It was also great to see Mollie working with someone else as I rarely see her ‘doing things’ as I am always the one doing it with her." JB