Thursday, December 5, 2013

5th December, 2013 Hot under the Collar?

As Christmas draws nearer we're getting close to the usual appalling figure for animal casualties on the Forest. Sad to note that the sign has screws ready to take a three figure number.

I was delighted to receive a rather posh collar to try out as a prototype on one of my ponies. Austin Back, who is a saddler ( has fulfilled his promise to make one for me after he read about the high number of pony deaths on the Forest. At the moment World Horse Welfare provide free reflective collars but even then ponies are often killed even when they are wearing one. I shall be testing out whether the orange hi-viz is more effective, especially a dawn and dusk when the risk of accidents is at it's highest.

It has also been suggested that I braid something hi-viz into her tail hair and I am going to give this a go too. However I can't see the agisters volunteering for that job when all the wilder ponies come in.