Tuesday, June 23, 2015

23rd June, 2015 Bears Can't Read

On the Isle of Wight, another visit from vet, Kate, who has been looking after Mollie's feet since she was born. Until recently doing her feet has been a bit of a battle but she is getting easier and easier thanks to clicker training.

Jane has been training her to stand on a block to make it easier for Kate to file her feet down. Sometimes the block gets a bit of a filing too.

Lovely to spend some time with Pie who has made his way to the top of the list for the Horse Agility Course. He is so much calmer over poles now providing we stay in first gear.

Mairi finds the windmills fascinating and loves stopping them with her nose.

She couldn't care less about the brolly either.

Mairi's first hack out with a 'rider' on board and Mollie for company.

They couldnt care less about traffic (this is one of Jane's fleet of wedding cars)...

...nor the passing motorbike. 

We may have ignored the signs, "no horse-riding" allowed...

...to go and peer at the sea.

"Thank you for another fantastic day. Pie had a good time and I think we can say that keeping him calm over the poles and small jumps is the way forward. He is such a little character. Mairi worked so well taking ‘Monty’ for such a long ride, she really does her very best of whatever is asked. Mollie excelled herself this afternoon with her agility skills and her new experience of the big wide world, she really seemed to enjoy her walk down the road and bravely led the way home. Brilliant results with all three." JB