Thursday, June 25, 2015

25th June, 2015 Funny Phone Calls

" Hi Sarah, it's Liz, you came out to help me load my Andalusian horse a couple of years ago."

"Oh yes, is he alright?"

"Well, yes sort of, he had to go into the vet's for a tummy upset a few weeks ago. I've got to take him back this morning but he won't load."

"Oh dear, has he been loading ever since we worked with him?"

"Yes, on and off because I haven't taken him out that much but he has always loaded."

"And now he won't? Probably remembers going to the vets. Have you tried food?"

"Well he's got a lovely haynet but I haven't got any food here, my friend's just arrived and she is bringing food...Yes, he's very interested in her treats..."

"Good, try that, and if it doesn't work then ring me back"....start to send text message and take down her phone number so that I can send it, ...

"Oh, I'll have to go, he's just loaded himself, bye."

Bye!!! And good luck!

As my colleague Zoe taught me,
"Never underestimate the power of a currant bun."