Tuesday, June 30, 2015

30th June, 2015 Graduation Day

 A slow simmer with a sea breeze all afternoon working with Jo and her Lusitano Arabian cross and Debbie and the ever lovely Dillon. Both are due to graduate in the next couple of weeks and have Amanda Barton booked for their next ridden session.

We taught Durante how to stand next to the mounting block and then worked on asking him to soften to the bit. We also used relaxation techniques such as the body audit, counting strides and breathing in order to take the urgency out of his walk. By the second session of the day he had really got it.

Dillon is already pretty soft at halt, walk and reinback but struggles to go forward happily in trot and canter, lacking the confidence to really stride out in either. We know that he was always encouraged to go from walk to canter as part of earlier training for showjumping. Today, instead of worrying about his head position or which gait he set off in, we just encouraged him to set off with a bit enthusiasm and to enjoy himself.

"...such a huge help and lots to work on." JM

"I must do a scrap book of Dillon's and I's journey with you, it has been a very very special journey and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart it has been an absolute pleasure and joy to work with you with Dillon. It is hard to believe where we started with him it has not been an easy journey but one I would not change and the knowledge and understanding I now have has truly made me a better person with and around horses and I can pass it all onto Georgina too. From the moment we started working with him I felt a bond start to form but now I feel I have bonded with him and understand him in a way I thought not possible. Was so proud of him loading yesterday especially after working in all that heat." DW