Thursday, December 10, 2015

10th December, 2015 Hurculean Efforts

Major flooding in Ireland and Cumbria has highlighted the risks that people will take in order to save an animal's life. Far be it for me to criticise anyone who is moved to try and rescue an animal (and I would be taking my life in my own hands if I said so) since reactions to heroic efforts by members of the general public on Facebook pages, show that people will always applaud others who are prepared to have a go. However, it is so easy for someone to lose their life in order to save that of an animal. 

This donkey was saved by Animal Heaven Animal Rescue with the assistance of two members of a rowing club. Everyone wore life jackets, and the donkey had a life buoy placed around his neck but that was about it.

The Fire and Rescue Service and the RSPCA are heavily criticised if they don't make an all out effort to rescue animals even when they are busy rescuing people in an all out disaster. 

Very sadly this horse drowned after the emergency services were forced to abandon attempts to rescue it. Later reports suggested that he was caught in fencing. A crew using an rigid inflatable boat managed successfully to rescue a man who had gone into the water in an attempt to save the horse but who himself became stuck. He was forced to cling to a tree for safety as fast flowing water surrounded him in the field, and the fire service had to pull him to safety. “One chap tried to go in himself and rescue the horse but he ended up climbing up a tree until the fire brigade got him.” Police divers, the RSPCA and fire service were at the scene but said it is too dangerous to try and rescue the horse. For horse owners this is really hard news to take but how would we feel if it was a fire officer who lost their life to save that of a horse? 

The Fire Service certainly don't give up easily and will take risks to save a human life. They may take a risk to save animals depending on the circumstances. In a different story, fire officers rescued 120 sheep which had been marooned. 

In other Hercules news, my landlord almost became military collateral damage when he was thrown by his horse on the Forest thanks to a very low flying Hercules transport aircraft. This took place close to an area called Norris's Grave and it almost became his! A formal complaint has been sent to the M.O.D. so we will see if they listen this time.