Tuesday, December 1, 2015

1st December, 2015 Lead us Into Temptation

What's a girl to do when she has so many to choose from thanks to her Auntie Kathryn. She finally opted for the donkey grey because it was the right length and not too dangly. Perhaps we should rename her Goldilocks

Another quiet break through on anything other than a quiet day. With the wind rattling around the rafters it was hard to get everyone to settle but once we had I thought I would see if I could teach her to lead from the neck. This is quite a hard concept for her given that she is still nervous of people and has a very strong into-pressure response but a few ginger biscuits (thanks to her Auntie Sarah B) and an elastic ask and she started to understand what was needed.

I'm pleased to get them into the barn for a little while each day so that she can continue to abrade those feet.

Meanwhile Rachel tells me she has been making great strides with Bryn too...hopefully I will see them both again next year.