Sunday, December 27, 2015

27th December, 2015 Bottom's Up

Recently I have been enclosing Henrietta into a smaller pen when I work on touching her. I feel I can trust her not to kick me automatically although it would still be easy to get clobbered if I made a mistake or a sudden move. On the other hand I feel that I need to be in a position to quietly insist that she engages with me. In this way I have been able to get sideways on to her so that I can attempt to touch her further along her body rather than only being able to reach her neck from the front. I 'explain' to her what I am going to do by touching her with the feather duster and also mimicking touch at a distance. Today I felt able to lean in from as far away as I could and to touch her bottom with my hand for the first time. Rather than lashing out sideways which she can easily do, she gave me the benefit of the doubt. I was then able to move along her back to her shoulder where I rubbed her on her dark cross.