Monday, December 14, 2015

14th December, 2015 Winter Warmers

Today we ran the first of our Warmblood Foal Handling Courses with four great students and five foals. In this way we benefit the owner, the foals and the students all at the same time. There is a pressure to do the best job possible for the owner and to give students the best opportunity to learn as much as possible. There is also the ethical consideration of doing the very best for by the horses. For me, of all of those, the horses have to come first - they can only learn what they are ready to learn  The next course, which is fully booked, is on the 9th January. On that date we will consolidate today's training and move it forward again.

Savannah and Bella come up to find out who's arrived

Catching Annie and Winnie

Trenda leads the way with Theo following on behind

A demo with Theo. Since I last saw them Beccy has been working on touching their faces in the field but hasn't had an opportunity to do any work with head collars. 

Bella is only just 6 months old but towers over Linda

Head collar practice for Theo

Early leading work is about to begin...

...and is going well.

Jade, almost an IHRA, repeats this work...

...and gives him a lovely rub with the scarf.

Figure of eight with the scarf...

...head collar laid out on his neck...

...and done up...

....lovely rub to say thank you.

Afternoon 'lot' with Pamina in the lead and Arial following.

Holly is the youngest.

Head collar practise and early leading for Archie.

Drink break for Holly - we always leave them along if they are engaging with their dam.

First head collar for Holly...

...all done up nice and quietly.

If in doubt, eat.

The stables are like something out of Flambards

Archie goes for his first ever walk on the 'lead rein'. The scarf is nice and elastic and won't cause him any harm if he gets loose.

"Thanks for today. It was brilliant! Those foals and their mums are amazing. I am so knackered!  It was intense!" DB