Thursday, March 23, 2017

23rd March, 2017 Leading Question

This is one area where Intelligent Horsemanship is definitely different from the BHS. If your horse is being prepared for showing then it may contradict what you will need to do in the ring. I believe that the position in which to lead a horse is with its head at my shoulder and not the other way round. Horses lead in two positions – in front (generally a mare) and from behind, i.e. driving (stallions). By standing at the shoulder we are neither one thing nor the other – we’re actually in the foal position. Some natural horsemanship techniques demand that the horse walk behind the handler – I have two concerns about this. First of all the horse can switch off and go to sleep and if he suddenly starts he can run straight through you, and, some horses start to dominate from behind putting their ears back and taking up a driving position. With the horse at your side you can keep him in your peripheral vision and see what he’s doing and keep up a constant dialogue between you.  I also use a “motorbike hand”, i.e. my hand palm downwards. 

This gentleman could afford to relax his arm right down. If the horse pulls away from him for any reason then his hand will tell him and react accordingly. It's as if your brain is in your hand.