Monday, March 6, 2017

6th March, 2017 Everything is Rosy

Good news, Théoden is sound and out. It doesn't mean that he gets his meals to himself though...

A short session with Rosy and Zebdi working on clickered leading. Inadvertently, Rosy had been rewarding Zebdi for overtaking her and cutting across her when she led him from the field to his stables. She had clicked and treating him for the behaviour which also has a strong instinctive element since this is the way that foals stop their mothers in order to get a drink. To put him in the position she wanted she asked him to circle all the way round her and this had become an established pattern.

We worked on asking him to be in exactly the right place as he walked beside her - not in front, and not behind, and stopping when she stopped her body. This requires the use of negative reinforcement, using pressure on the halter to ask him to be in the right place, and then positive reinforcement, a click (no treat) when walking along, and three clicks and a treat when he stops in exactly the right place. The use of a 'yes' and a 'no' adds greater clarity for the horse and the owner.

Don't overtake me...established by backing up rather than circling pressure at all
and back to the field...

I love this last picture, where Zebdi is anticipating his treat following three clicks