Thursday, March 9, 2017

9th March, 2017 Get Real

I had already written a blog for today but needed to intervene with two important messages, pleas even, first. Please get real about your horses. Saying that a horse does something because he wants to take the piss or is naughty, is just as silly and wrong as saying your car does something because it is taking the piss or naughty. Giving a horse a 'good hiding' because he tries to jump over a stable door is illogical, and stupid, and achieves nothing, except making the horse want to get out even more. Let's get real with our horses and see them for what they actually, a horse, that will do all the things a horse can do. Horses, like water, seek the easiest way down the river, don't be surprised or angry about anything they do, they just do it because they are a horse.

Be patient, clear and consistent. Repeat things. Do things incrementally. Don't expect too much too soon. Look at the underlying change that you are trying to make, rather than just the task itself.

Think about safety too - imagine someone was phoning you about the horse you are planning to ride, what sort of education has it had? Are there gaps? Has it been taught well? Does it have remedial problems? Is the horse even safe when you are on the ground? What sort of tack is it wearing? Is it frightened of anything in particular or just everything? Remember that people will say anything in order to divorce their horse. Is the horsebox you are about to load into safe or a death trap; how does the horse feel about being in there? what if the horse does try to climb out? Is it his fault (see above!)

One of the rare, nice boxes I have been asked to load into.
Get real, go deeper, drop your emotions, and be there for your horse.