Tuesday, March 28, 2017

28th March, 2017 Monday Cob

For the second Monday in a row I was moving a coloured cob. This time it was Jack who is coming to live with us to be part of our collection, along with his owner, Lorraine. For the last few months he has been living next to an incredibly busy road which has been excellent for getting him used to traffic but is no place for a young horse to be taking his first few independent walks. This field is also close to the airport with a go-kart track about to be opened at the weekend. You can hardly hear yourself think and every few weeks the horses have to be moved out of their fields, across this awful road, to make way for parking for sports events.

His arrival had been eagerly awaited it seems and he made friends with all of his new field-mates very quickly before settling down to eat. My Jack is now to be known as Jack-Jack, as they will be sharing a field.