Friday, March 24, 2017

24th March, 2017 Plain Sailing

Over to the Isle if Wight yesterday where Mollie, who is now four, had her saddle and bridle and rider on for the very first time. She really wasn't fazed at all. Plenty of preparation, and the occasional visit from me, over the last three years, means that nothing bothers her much at all. Monty even rode side-saddle.

In the afternoon Jane showed me Pie's exercises (set by Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist Natalie Baker), and we worked on using target training in order to ask him to stretch further. Jane will be able to extend this over the next few weeks...

Afterwards we took him out for some exercise...

"Thanks for another super day. We achieved a lot seeing that only one pony could do outside training. I was so pleased with Mollie who behaved brilliantly in having her bridle and saddle on for the first time without any bother. She certainly enjoyed the attention and having something to do as box rest is becoming very boring !! Pie learnt the target training very quickly and it will be a good way to encourage his bending. He seemed to feeling very well in himself about working. And Mairi watched quietly. Thank you so much. We will work on the targets and look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks to Tracey as well."
After a long day it was time to feed my own horses and to see my visitors.