Wednesday, March 29, 2017

29th March, 2017 The Fritham Nine

Nine on nine acres this morning as we waited for Guy the farrier to come and assess and trim the full collection. Only Pie is out of sight in these photos. Having spent the night in, Nelly and Blue went back out onto the Forest as soon as their feet had been done. Typically, Nelly needed no work, and Blue just needed excessive flair taken off; we don't worry too much most of the time because if it grows then presumably she needs it, and of course she isn't a riding pony.

Jack didn't need any work but Guy took the opportunity to make friends with him and picked up each of his feet very easily.

Jack-Jack had his less than annual trim - he rarely needs much doing.

Pleased that our spare field got harrowed last night before the rain came down and can now recover from a particularly torrid winter. Normally we poo-pick all year round but with my injury we had to give up for three months. We'll have to see what the worm count tells us about this!

Spent the afternoon having a good giggle with Donna and Liz, and their horses Spirit, Jaine, and Dusky.