Monday, May 16, 2016

16th May, 2016 Pride In The Name of Love

I've just discovered that I do have some pride in the appearance of my equines. With Henrietta due to meet her public at the Open Day on Sunday I am desperate to get her looking tidy. I am being thwarted by her winter coat and also several bald patches which seem to have appeared from nowhere. I shall have to rely on her sheer force of personality to get me through.

Having mooched about the barn looking for barley rings in order to keep Henrietta company first thing Twizzle then had his own session. He was mock tied for the second time while I groomed him and he had his feet picked out.

Georgia consolidated the work she did last week...

...prior to working at liberty with the trailer again.He was far more confident today...

...and finished with two feet front feet inside the trailer.

As a reward we went out for a walk on the Forest which seems to make him very happy. He's starting to be confident jumping over things.

A lovely ride around Fritham and Eyeworth Pond this afternoon. I also managed to solve another problem. Georgia is always being told by the college that she rides with her stirrups too short - no choice but to ride long today as the Western stirrups don't go up any higher.

Nice work experience if you can get it, eh?