Wednesday, May 18, 2016

18th May, 2016 Flat Squirrel Day

With the rain switching on and off quicker than our kitchen tap, there was a great deal of indecision about whether to go ahead with today's appointment; the sort of level of indecision that leads to a flat squirrel. In the end we opted to cancel and so we have to hope that it will not be the same now that we have rescheduled to Friday.

It was certainly too wet to do anything with Twizzle in the morning so we left him mooching about the barn while we had a good tidy up which was an education in itself - the mooching, not the tidying. For a pony that has hardly spent any time under a roof, and never been confined, it can all be quite stressful and I think, had he just been put in a stable, he would have come over the door. He did a bit of measuring up when it came to the panels and only when he was convinced that they was no way of breaching them did he begin to relax and look for something else to do. Jack and Henrietta were only on the other side of the gate and I had given them hay in order to encourage them to stick around to keep him company.

With an early finish I was able to meet Georgia's ponies, Crunchie and Angus, just before it started to rain all over again.