Monday, May 9, 2016

9th May, 2016 Let's Get Busy

On the day that fifteen stallions were turned out onto the Forest, we were nearly as busy as they were.

Applewitch Diversity: (Photo: Louise Bailey)
 It was lovely to be reunited with Coco some ten years since I last worked with her. At that time I was responsible for re-starting her. She has had a new owner for the last nine years and has recently developed a problem with traffic after being frightened by a refuse lorry in a narrow lane.

At first we just worked at the top of her own track but there wasn't very much traffic today.. we walked down to the junction with the main road having assessed her reaction to other vehicles on the way.

As well as rewarding her for being brave and interested...

...we taught her to stand where asked.

At the same yard Elmo is continuing to do really well and is getting over his fear of donkeys. He recently spooked at some bunting close to where he lives so Kym asked me to do some desensitisation work with the two of them.

It's difficult to know who has got the best brush!

Elmo can be funny about being touched under his tummy and so the feather duster was just the thing for working on this without the handler being kicked.

He was unfazed by the carrier bags on a stick, testament to the relationship between him and Kym.

He found the brolly intriguing...

soon progressing to 'fly pasts'. It was quite a windy day so it was important to control the umbrella.

The tarpaulin was no worry at all...

...and here we are standing over the plastic bunting.

He finished by going through the barrels.

Meanwhile Twizzle was (mock) tied up for the first time and then groomed.

He had his tail brushed for the very first time in his life.

He was quite wary of the poles to begin with...

...but was soon going over them very calmly and carefully.

As well as taking 542 photos today, Georgia helped with Twizzle's training.

To finish we took him out for a walk in the woods again. He is still nervous but getting more confident each time.

We took him a slightly more challenging route with some fallen trees and difficult ground... well as trees that crowded in on him...he was absolutely fine...

...and is no longer afraid of the gate.