Sunday, May 22, 2016

22nd May, 2016 Hen Party

What was meant to be a little get together morphed into something much bigger and more fun with over forty of Henrietta's fans turning up to say hello today. Although she wouldn't allow herself to be brushed, Henrietta performed all of her party tricks providing non-stop amusement for everyone. When you're under 11 hands no one can have any ambitions for you so the thought that she might have a place on Live at the Apollo is pretty amazing.

"Just to say I'm home safe after a good journey. And thank you so much for a lovely day and to David for showing me around. It was well worth the long trip and re affirmed what I am doing with my lot. Thank you once again for your time and effort. A great success." GD from Cumbria!

"It was lovely to see you all again - in, as always, such peaceful, calm surroundings" SP

"Great pics, great day she certainly qualifies for her equity card 👍🏼 and I'll say it again...that cake" LM

"I had the privilege of meeting Henrietta, today! She would have been small enough to fit in our car, but I'd forgotten to bring any ginger biscuits..." SM
"Lovely to meet Henrietta - and everyone else, of course! - today. Henrietta did not disappoint!! I loved the way she wanted to be involved in everything. Thank you for organising her garden party." HK
Photo: Sari Maydew