Monday, May 30, 2016

30th May, 2016 Pie Filling

All the greys today. Another short session with Crazy during which he allowed the bit up to the corner of his mouth but on one side or the other only! I'm able to gently hook a finger through his head collar to help to hold the bit in place and he isn't take offense at that. Today I was using a little leather bit that I bought a long time ago from a harness horse supplier. I think it is too thick since he is unable to take a treat with the bit in his mouth. 

Twizzle's last few days have just been 'revision days' over and above his core curriculum. He goes home tomorrow...

Pie, my Welsh Mountain Pony has come in for some rest and recuperation. He has lived out on the Forest for ten years with very few problems and I am always loathe to take him away from his firm group of little friends. However, he was clearly struggling with the insects, the ticks, and the sun. I took over 200 crab flies off him this morning and gave him a thorough wash with Deosect to help to put them off coming back and to kill off any ticks or lice that he may be carrying. Next I cleaned up all his pink bits. I shall feed him up a bit and hope to boost his immunity before he goes back out. I'm hoping he won't be sensitive to the buttercups which are due to receive a heavy dose of lime the next time I have got the funds for a project.