Tuesday, May 17, 2016

17th May, 2016 Superhero

I often think that the horses that I work with, and their owners, deserve a huge rosette for the progress that they make. Today I have changed my mind. What they need instead is a cape and a pair of knickers that go on outside their trousers. Captain Twizzle has gone to infinite and beyond today, being so so brave. Not only did he tie up and stand quietly for the very first time, but he went all the way into the trailer on his own and turned round without rushing out, and he trotted on the lead rein. For those who work with ordinary domesticated horses with no hang-ups this may not mean much, but when a pony faces and conquers his long-held fears I feel honoured to know them. All I can do is hang on to their coat-tails, sorry, cape.

"I am so pleased that I decided to send Twizzle to you. It is definitely money well spent. I don't think anyone else would have understood him as you have.I really appreciate the time you spend with him every day and how you try to make everything easy for him. I have always had his best interests at heart but your experience and facilities have made such a difference and I really believe 4 weeks with you will set him up for life. He is a very lucky pony." CH
I'm not feeling quite so clever myself having been written off by the hospital who have told me there is nothing they can do about my relentless neck and shoulder pain which was exacerbated by the squishing incident earlier this year. With the human equivalent of Bute I shall just keep on working.