Thursday, May 19, 2016

19th May, 2916 Understudy

Now that Twizzle can be tied up, I need to work on being able to leave him there. Today I started to walk off a few paces and clicked him whenever he was still, going back to him every so often while he was still to give him a reward. Here he is almost standing to attention.

The trailer is becoming easier and he is eager to go on and search for the food. He will also turn around without rushing out again. It now feels safe to be in there with him and to start asking him to come in with the headcollar and lead rein.

We also went for our first walk outside the inclosure, wandering down the drift-way and over the big wooden bridge at the bottom.

I don't know whether he was ever drifted but the drift pens hold no memories for him.

This afternoon I was knocked out cold, playing a casualty at the Fire and Rescue Service Animal Rescue Team training. I am understudy for Jenny and I have to say this is rather a nice role since I could just go to sleep and wait for them to carry me away.

Two of the gorgeous New Forest foals in my local area...

...and the Shetlands have been very busy too.