Monday, May 23, 2016

23rd May, 2016 The I-Spy Book of Forestry

The funniest thing I heard yesterday was, "Why are you teaching him that the Earth isn't flat if he is moving to Norfolk?" (Ben Moxon). Well, it turns out that he will be going to Thetford Forest which does have the odd hill and moreover is even bigger than the New Forest. Very important then that Twizzle knows as much as he can about Forestry.

Top left to bottom right: Meeting the logging quad (and the nice man driving it), timber stacking; old Mr Young's cows, a ditch, heather trailer, heather tractor, the loading ramp, a Forest den, and some piece of weird machinery we couldn't fathom.
 The big horses still had plenty of energy after a ride...Petra is hidden somewhere at the back.