Monday, May 2, 2016

2nd May, 2016 A Great Set Up

What better occupation on a Bank Holiday Monday than to greet your next guest and settle him in before the work starts? Not only that but our one remaining work experience student Georgia has turned up for her first day and received her list of daily chores which amount to about an hour of real work followed by various levels of involvement in horse training. I can't say that I will miss the poo-picking for a month!

Twizzle wasn't sure he wanted to go off to school especially when he saw it involved going into a trailer. His last experience, when he was transported toCarole, wasn't too good and involved him being forcibly headcollared and then tied to the trailer floor!

In the event he travelled loose this time and settled very well before being turned out with Jack and Henry.

Cleaning out the trailer following another journey this weekend, David discovered his Unintentional Horsemanship skills when Henrietta volunteered to load herself into the trailer. He didn't have a camera to hand but she was willing to repeat it again today. Who knows, we might even start going to places.

All that practise, standing on bridges and closing her into the panels in the barn seems to have paid off as she has generalised the information.