Wednesday, May 4, 2016

4th May, 2016 May the Horse Be With You

Since I last saw Sandra she has continued to prepare her horses for their ridden life. Both Iona and Honey were rescued by the RSPCA and have an unknown history.

Iona, aged nine, was happy to stand next to the mounting block in a new, safer, environment in preparation for being backed.

Sandra lying over Iona...

...and later sitting on her for the very first time.

Honey, aged five, worked well on the long lines...

...and was leant over for the first time. As soon as we have a saddle that fits, Sandra will sit on her for the first time too.

Back at the fields work experience student, Georgia, worked with Twizzle under my supervision.

Not only did she do a great job but Twizzle had remembered everything from yesterday.

We finished the session at the little bridge where yesterday's fear was replaced by curiosity...and finally great courage.

"I am absolutely delighted at the progress you and Georgia have already made with Twizzle. You have done more in 2 days than I have in 3 years! I can't believe he has coped with the bridge already." CH