Thursday, May 14, 2009

13th May, 2009 Shaking all over

We went out to an interesting girlie this morning. She had apparently refused to load on the last couple of occasions and when we arrived, the horse was shaking from head to toe from just hearing my little trailer arrive with the panels on it. I started off by establishing my leadership - moving her around just forwards and backwards until the shakes went away. I keep saying that ther is only one letter difference between loading and leading and in this case it was the leading that was the key. After some clear and consistent groundwork asking her not to invade space and to be simply present, the owner was able to prove that she was a 100% leader rather than an 80% leader so the horse could afford to relax. Although she planted herself to begin with when we asked her to load, she was soon going in and out easily and she accepted all of the bars and the partition and the ramp being closed around her. It will be interesting to hear how she goes on.

E-mail: It was great to meet you and Jenny also. It was honestly like watching a miracle being performed!! Haven't stop raving on about you and your work since. Stacey.

Jack was touched all over his neck, face, shoulders and withers with the silky scarf yesterday but couldn't cope with it draped over his neck. He likes to have all his problems on one side of his body not both! Still, he's only been in for a week so far and he has been wild for 10 years.

Rosie was ridden in the field with no napping at all. She looks like a little cowboy horse right now as we are riding her without a noseband. Fern was ridden out on the roads and coped with all the traffic. Despite the fact that Julie (rider) Jenny and I all had hi-viz gear on, it didn't stop a car and caravan driving at full speed past us.