Saturday, May 30, 2009

30th May, 2009 May Ball

Another fantastic Kelly demo at Kingston Maurwood this time. With the book stand inundated throughout the breaks, it was great to see so many people I know and have worked with: Ally S (IHDG), Alex (MGFT), Annie, Ann NF, Audrey S-H owner of the Three Musketeers, Bethany, Carol (my publisher), Carolyn (who owns Jos and keeps him at KM), Cheryl (Widget), Celia, Colin and Charlotte (both Icelandic owners), Eli, Ella and Holly (MGFT), Heather Moffat (EE), Jane W, Jane Van Lennep (Simple Systems), Jennypenny, Julie N (Comfort Blanket!), Kayleigh, Karen (who worked with the Exmoors), Lorraine B (Sika), Lorraine J (Ludo) and Lorraine H (one of the Magistrates I used to work with), Linda W (from Exmoor), Linda McD, Liz (IHDG), Lesley D and Lesley R, Mandy J, Mandy S, Mandy (with Frosty) and her friend Mandy, Mandy M, Maddie, Matt, Olivia (Cara), Rebecca H-F (vet), Rhys, Paul, Sarah A, Sarah B, Tanya, Tara, Wendy (Dani) and Yaniola!!

After that roll call, you may already be bored but this afternoon Jack accepted the 12' lead line on his headcollar and walked around with me using a little pressure and release as well as clicker. He didn't try to leave once. He also let me touch him all over for the very first time. Just his legs to go!