Saturday, May 2, 2009

2nd May, 2009 A lighter day

I have just worked with the starters today. Rosie had her first trot off the lead rein and she is happy to be ridden without a "leader" and is listening to light aids. Fern went off with Julie on her own this morning and had a couple of canters. She came back looking very pleased with herself and Julie was all smiles too.

Percy has gone home after a three week stay. He is much happier to be around people. His owner has got him to the stage when he is willing to touch her for a clicker treat but will still not let anyone touch him. He could win an Olympic medal for his ability to follow a bucket - no problem at all to move him from place to place. She has now taken him home and will be building a "wild horse pen" where hopefully he can be touched safely.