Monday, August 10, 2009

10th August, 2009 Upright again

Off to work this morning - feels a little odd. I got this e-mail this morning about Rincewind who you may remember from last Winter. I really didn't think we had done much good - just asked him to connect a halt to a click and a treat. His owner has avoided the temptation of rushing things and this is what she's now got:

Hi, thought I would update you. Rincewind is now hacking in walk trot and canter (just little canters) alone and in company. He loads without any fuss and has been to Hurn Bridge Equestrian Centre for a play day and I rode him for 10 minutes in the school after lots of fun with ground work. I have ridden SO MUCH I had to shoe him. Thank you for bringing my pony back to me. Tara