Sunday, August 2, 2009

2nd August, 2009 Out of Africa

Finally it was off to Manyara again but unfortunately by this time, both David and I were pretty sick. We managed to go on one more safari, this time at Tarangire, but I had to lie down and rest inbetween each animal. A Tanzanian doctor had insisted that I drink a litre of re-hydration solution which tastes like orange flavour sea water and made me feel far worse. Our journey home via Arusha and then up to Nairobi took a day in itself and this time it was David's turn to lie prostrate across the back seat of the coach. I had a very unfortunate fit of the giggles when his boot, minus his foot, toddled and trembled it's way all the way down the aisle, obviously deciding that if David was going to be boring, it would go and visit everyone else. My turn again on the flight home and I had to lie across a whole row of Virgin's seats. Back home I feel like I have been run over by a steam roller.
Our horses are all well although Jack and Petra are desperately fat and have to be confined again. I'm worried sick that they will get laminitis and adamant that they will get no extra food this winter unless it snows.