Saturday, August 29, 2009

29th August, 2009 Change is as good as a rest

I hope you like the new colour scheme - I was bored with the last one. Let me know what you think.

I could do with some help/feedback on another couple of things. I am after some cheap but good quality pony saddles to send out to Kenya. They need to be wide fit and no more than 16 or 16 and a half inches long. I don't mind paying a reasonable amount for them, nevertheless, the cheaper they are the more I can send.

Also, does anyone want to support the Masaii by buying a beaded browband like Chancer's (see older posts). They will be £10 each and ALL proceeds will go to the Masaii that make them. I have ordered 10 at the moment and will photograph them when they arrive - after that I hope to be able to offer a choice of colours and sizes. Ideal Christmas present?

I have done a couple of days work towards the end of this week (trying to keep my posture right at all times). On Friday it was off to see Rosie Grover and her splendid three year old Appaloosa Merlot. He's a beautifully marked horse with a fabulous temperament. Rosie's aim is to get it right first time and so we just went through to see if there were any obvious gaps in his education before concentrating on groundwork. Rosie has done a pretty fine job with this horse so far and so it was all very positive. Similarly, this morning I went off to work with a two year old Connemara pony called Tom. Another delightful pony - full of personality and curiosity. This afternoon it was off to work with a Czechoslovakian horse that has been a bit reluctant to load (and who can blame him after such a long journey) just to get him flowing on and off again. Once he's loaded he travels fine. All of these horses have only recently been purchased by their owners and I applaud them for not waiting until they have problems or I am the last resort.

E-mail from Rosie: Merlot has been doing well! Groundwork progressing, and just taking it slow. Thanks again for your help! Its really changed the way we work together : )