Monday, September 13, 2010

13th September, 2010 School.....Holly Day

What a day....I got up to the fields at 8 a.m. to meet the hedgecutting man, cleaned the fields, made a nice fuss of Chancer and Mussels and Jack, tidied up the wood shed and set out the poles and obstacles for my lesson. The girls came to visit closely followed by Pie. Then I pulled some fence posts out and filled in the holes. I did some clicker training with Jack, then long reined Theoden out with Alessa, Wes and Pauline for company. Got back and took Jack out for a walk and then did some foot handling work with Mussels and Chancer. Had a lesson with Amanda and got home at 8 p.m. Spent 1/2 hour on the phone to H in Botswana discussing her gelding and now doing this! Great day.

Also had some lovely feedback from a couple of clients today...

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much with your help and advice you have given me with Holly. After doing everything you recommend, back ,saddle etc we were ready to start again very slowly. The school hols came at just the right time allowing me to spend loads of quality time on the groundwork and the cuddles. She has gone from a pony who didn't like being touched especially her ears to her now favorite scratching place ever is just behind her ears!! We have been out for three hacks since school return and what a difference. I am so much more confident in her and my abilities and I know this is rubbing off on her happy me, happy horse. Thanks again Wendy x" W. Day

"You came to Gleneagles a few weeks ago and did some really helpful work with Bladon (bridle issues) and the lovely coloured mare Patience (doesn't like flappy things, sprays or water). I found your work fascinating and wanted to report back that Patience has made some great progress! She allowed me not only to approach her with a rosette, but also to tie it onto her headcollar. She didn't flinch once - I did it on each side - in fact she hardly seemed to notice! I proudly led her to the field (for turnout) with it on, showing off to all and sundry!

Karen at Gleneagles also asked me to let you know that a week or so ago she was asking people in one of her lessons to sit on a leaf placed on their saddles, the point being that the leaf should stay there (to demonstrate a good seat, glued to the saddle, if I've got that right). Patience was being ridden in the class and didn't spook at all when she was approached with the leaf, which is brilliant, because she usually objects to being approached with anything the slightest bit strange." Stephanie