Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29th September, 2010 Nine O'Clock (good) News Part II

It's been some time since we worked with Magic and Merlin, the wild Bodmin Moor ponies. I got this e-mail from their owner this evening and she has promised me photos very soon:

"Tthought I would let you know how the boys are getting on. We have been walking them one at a time all around the fields then out of the top gate down the road and all around the front garden, in and out of the cars and back out up the road and back to the stables. They have been brilliant!!. A tractor and trailer went past while they were in the gate way and they just looked as it. Merlin has calmed down so much, when I brush his tail his head nearly touches the floor and I have taught them both to be floor tied." TT