Thursday, September 2, 2010

2nd September, 2010 EnduroHimalaya

Two weeks ago David left travel around the Himalayas on an Indian Enfield motorbike. I was, as usual, pretty bereft without him but went up to Heathrow to fetch him last night. He has had a fantastic time. This is what his handbook told him about the rules of the road.....
If a larger vehicle is encountered it is expected that the overtakee will swerve and pull over, career off the road or otherwise make room for the other vehicle.
Although vehicles can be driven with bald tyres and non-existent brakes, it is imperative that the horn be in good working order. A blast of the horn can mean anything from 'I am travelling too fast to stop and if you don't get out of the way we shall both die' to 'hey you there, aren't you my brother's friend from Chennai?' to 'I haven't used my horn recently'.
In the absence of seat belts, the people of Himchal Pradesh prefer to wear garlands of marigolds, these should be fastened securely around the drive for safety.