Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28th, September, 2010 Good attention, bad attention - anything will do

Last Friday I went out to see an Irish Sports Horse that actually appeared to be mainly Arabian that had been behaving aggressively when loose in the field. At that time on her own, but due to get a companion, she was demanding the attention of visitors the moment they entered her field - sometimes she would do it nicely with her ears forward and then in an instant she would become nasty and try to bite or even turn her back end and threaten to kick. It seemed that she didn't care what sort of attention she got as long as there was some attention involved - it was if she needed to prove she existed and people had to be the entertainment committee. We worked on changing the whole emphasis by not giving her attention either when she pulled a happy face or a cross face as both were invasive and intimidating as she came up really close and waiting until she was peaceful and calm around us and then giving her a lovely rub (rather than a pat). The good news is that it seems to have worked and even better, she now has a little companion so that she can be a horse with a horse again.

"Just with that hour she was totally different the next day, I was taken by surprise as I didn't expect her behaviour to change so quickly. Instead of flat back ears and a bottom in my face, I had a leisurely head raise to say hello and then total indifference - bliss! I was able to walk over to her and give a lovely gentle 'caress' and then walk away to finish poo picking in peace! She now has a companion in the shape of  a little 10yrs old Welsh Section A gelding. This appears to be love at first sight but not over the top excitement just the opportunity to relax and roll (almost Rock 'n Roll!). So, I hope Missy and I go from strength to strength on our journey of enjoying and teaching other how to behave and as long and as I can always be leader I think we will be friends." SS 28.9.10