Thursday, September 2, 2010

2nd September, 2010 Better safe than sorry

An early visit to the horses this morning to find Petra off colour. Although she wasn't rolling or looking at her tummy, she was standing without eating and looking rather pensive. Her gums were also very pale. I suspected that she had the early signs of colic. Nicky Brooks, the vet, was with me within 20 minutes and agreed that she had mild colic. One injection of Bute, one of anti-spasmodic and one of muscle relaxant later and she started eating again. I kept a careful eye on her all day while I worked with the other horses but unfortunately had to cancel my appointment with India. She was fine when I left this evening at 5 p.m.
Mussels' fan club grows every day with Pauline and Jeanette giving him a lovely groom. I did some work on handling his feet and then he wandered off to teach himself about novel objects - it's lovely to work with such a naturally confident pony that is curious about everything.