Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28th September, 2010 Little police horse?

This is Pepsi, aged three. As you can see, she isn't worried by much even a pretend vet and the helicopters that come over regularly and hover over the field next door. I was asked to assess whether she is ready to be started and then ridden by the owner's grandchildren. With the whole of the winter set aside for her preparation, I could see no reason why she shouldn't be absolutely fine. She did have a rather grumpy expression at times and put her ears back when approached along her neck. She was quite reactive at the poll and responded well to some light massage. Pepsi was Forest bred and I strongly suspect that she was halter broken by tying her up to something solid knowing who the breeder was. I have recommended that she have her neck and poll checked and treated by a specialist.

"Just wanted to thank you millions again for today, I am now looking at my little bay pony in a completely different light."VR