Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29th September, 2010 Nine O'clock (good) News (Part I)

Julie with Fern

Almost eighteen months ago I worked with a starter called Fern. As well as starting to ride her, we spent time getting her used to traffic again as she and her owner, Linda, had been hit from behind by a car when walking out about a month before she came in. Little did she realise at the time, but Linda actually had a broken bone in her back and later underwent very difficult surgery and a long period of recovery. Sadly the driver who hit her didn't stop at the scene and hasn't ever been traced. I was delighted to hear that Linda is now riding again and it is all going well:

"Just wanted to tell you that although it's a year later (what with broken back and all that jazz) I'm now riding Fern regularly and she is a dream. Despite being ignored for a year and being greener than a green thing she is just the sweetest thing. Soft of mouth, yields to the slightest leg, listens and only gives things a thorough stare when unsure - a friend rode her out in traffic alone to make sure she was ok with it and she is fine with cars in front, behind, to the side, anywhere and everywhere - all that walking down that busy road you did obviously paid off! I have hacked out across the village through 'rush hour' on my own now and we survived despite my singing! I can't thank you enough - I know that the root of all this is your excellent care and attention to her and her wellbeing. I really wanted to say was thank you again to you and your lovely team for making just the best job of Fern, she is really much too good for me now! I have been offered loads of money for her too (twice) because she is just so responsive and quick to learn and despite being steady as a rock is not at all asleep, she's keen as mustard - I'm keeping her though! "LBP