Monday, September 27, 2010

27th September, 2010 Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Yet another legal analogy has struck me recently. Following my unscheduled dismount from Theoden a few weeks ago, I have been going over parts of his education to make sure that I haven't missed anything. I found that my confidence and his had been dented even though neither of us were hurt. Theoden, like most horses, is sensitive to how I feel and I can hear him asking me if I am really sure. The same test is applied to legal cases where the jury is told that they should only find someone guilty if they feel satisfied so as to feel sure that the defendant is guilty. The only way to feel satisfied so as to feel sure is not to take either of us way out of our comfort zone until we both feel good and ready. Bit by bit we have got back to the place we had reached in the first place and I hope that with the foundations even more solidly established, we shall both feel a lot more sure about where we are going - literally. It needs to be beyond reasonable doubt.