Monday, September 6, 2010

6th September, 2010 Sometimes it is the the hands that hold it.

"Thought I would update you on my pony's loading progress as you were so kind to give me some advice last week. The halter training worked a treat! After 5 schooling sessions with the halter over several days I managed to load her with no anxiety! She stopped a couple of times at the ramp, felt the dually tighten, thought about it for a few seconds and just walked into the trailer! The big difference was how calm she was when she was actually in the trailer - she was happy to munch on her haylage. I have loaded her several times since then and she is walking straight on with no anxiety on the trailer. I have travelled her a couple of times to my friend's yard and back which is only a couple of miles away and even loaded her in my friend's lorry! I am amazed at how quickly she has changed - she is like a different pony!" LF 6.9.10