Thursday, September 16, 2010

16th September, 2010 National Equine Crime Database

It was a great privilege today to attend the VIP launch of the National Equine Crime Database on behalf of Kelly and Intelligent Horsemanship. The database should be a really useful resource for horse owners allowing them to register details of their horses, tack and horse transport. As well as being a deterrent to theft and burglary, loss of registered property can be circulated nationwide and locally very easily and readily identified when recovered. Tack can be marked using current Horsewatch equipment and the scheme has the full support of the police and the British Horse Society. Details can be found on and Hampshire Horsewatch are offering discounted NECD registration to their members (no matter which county the property is in). As well as a press conference, there were several displays at the event. Richard Waygoods showjumping masterclass was great fun with the horses jumping with great confidence even though one of them wasn't quite sure about the live screen at the back of the arena. I volunteered to hold Lynn Russell's horse while she rode her other one, a four year old, side-saddle for the very first time.