Saturday, February 16, 2013

16th February, 2013 Jessica and Charlie

Jessica had her second ride out on the Forest today and was brilliant. Off the lead rein and happily walking out on her own. She has a naturally low head carriage - except when she spots something of interest! She'd make a lovely Western pony.

This afternoon it was time for my second Charlie of the day although this one is equine and female. Since our groundwork session Charlie's manners on the ground have been much much better and she seems a lot calmer. Today we did some long reining and it was clear that she has done it before and probably been at least prepared for driving. There were a few gaps in her education so we concentrated on ending on softness rather than simply walking through the reins, and improving her steering. Since she is already being ridden and is content to go out alone, long reining is certainly not compulsory but her owner wanted another string to her bow when it comes to exercising her.