Monday, February 18, 2013

18th February, 2013 Another day in Paradise

Arrived at Fritham nice and early to find these two, mother and daughter,  sunbathing outside my field and Chancer and Indiana practically asleep.

Jessica wonders what we are going to do today but isn't over impressed to be wearing her first bit. I just put it in for ten minutes and allowed her to mooch around the field, talking to the others and finding out that she can eat with it in.

Later Charly came by and with no bit in, we worked on halt to walk and walk to halt transitions, left and right turns and turns on the forehand using obstacles to give her something to focus on.

Finally I asked her to walk over a tarpaulin. At first she rushed it but by the end, helped by clickered rewards, she was happy to walk over it really slowly and even to stand with her two front feet on it.

All of this work was obviously very tiring - for Jack!!!