Wednesday, February 27, 2013

27th February, 2013 Call the Horse Trainer

I had the bright idea of cycling around my appointments today. That's eight miles up to Fritham where I worked with Jessica and then eleven to Somerley where I worked with Sampson before returning home. 29 miles in total. Not quite the same size as the Manor of Poplar! Jack tried to help me with my lunch and loves blueberries.

Our home phone is down and I usually have my mobile telephone on silent just in case it rings or vibrates at an inopportune moment while we are working with a young horse. The best way to contact me over the next week is by email. After that we will be incommunicado while we are away although we have someone staying at the house (only any use if the home phone is up and running). I have appointments available from the beginning of April.