Friday, February 1, 2013

1st February, 2013 Water Baby

Jessica and I went out for our first Confidence Walk on the Forest today and she was stunningly confident. She was happy to go over any terrain and absolutely loved going in the water - big puddles, small puddles, veritable lake sized puddles, over and through streams which are not exactly shallow at the moment. It was all great fun and she was a joy to be with. I'm really pleased with her given that she has not always been the most confident pony and either she has turned a real corner or this is her forte. She was born on the Forest but has been in the same fields since she was weaned and led a pretty sheltered existence. She hasn't seen much traffic and we still have all that to do but the furthest she has been before now was two fields down from her home when I worked with her at a demo in support of Woodgreen Community Shop a couple or three years ago.

Earlier I went down to see how Mary was getting on. The good news is that she is no longer lame at all and she allowed me to catch her again, remove the dressing and put her foot in a tub of water just like a real tame pony when she could have just trotted off.